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Intro Programming

Computer Hardware
• Main hardware components of a general purpose computer
• Input devices
• Output devices and their uses
• Identify and setup hardware devices
• Replacing malfunctioning components
• Troubleshooting and fixing common hardware problems

•Computer Software
• Operating systems
• Identifying software
• Types of operating systems
• Troubleshooting and fixing common software and hardware problems.
• User interface
• Social and economic implications of computers • Communication ,information, library systems.
• Office automation
• Industrial ,technical and scientific uses • Automation and Robotics.
• Computer viruses, computer crime , internet security.
• Generic Application
• Word processing and desktop publishing programs.
• Introduction to word document creation .
•Spreadsheets ,spreadsheets package, Lotus 1,2,3
• Search engines
• Graphics editing programs
• Data logging
• Database
• Excel (basic concepts)
• Powerpoint (basic concepts )

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